Wooden Doors

Hand-Crafted Wooden Doors

Add style to the exterior or interior of your home with a custom-made wood door from Adobe Door. Wood doors not only add a natural beauty, but also help dampen sound.

We specialize in custom residential and commercial southwestern-style doors, however we can also work on modern styles and can match existing doors. We have proudly provided our services to the Albuquerque area since 1993. Our doors are hand crafted using traditional and modern woodworking techniques that have proven durable over time.

Custom-Made Door Styles and Features Available

Adobe Door Inc has carpenters and woodworkers on site with many years experience. We can provide any type of finishing or hand work needed to make your door perfect for your home.
Adobe Door Inc works with the following door materials:

Visit our Showroom!

We also have a large selection of rustic hardware in various finishes to put the final touches on your custom-made door. Owner Max Turcios can help you custom design our interior and exterior doors and gates, from the minimalistic to the most elaborate. We also provide a variety of surface finishes which include: smooth sanded, wire-brushed, light distress, heavy distressed, and hand-carved to meet any styling taste. If you’re interested in looking at our custom-designed doors, stop by our showroom today. Or, call us at 505-243-4028 to discuss our doors and services.
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